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Glenn Shuck - Internet Marketing Specialist & Founder of

Glenn is a 28 year technology veteran starting his career just when the IBM PC was being introduced to the marketplace. He has worked diligently over the years to bring new hardware, software, and communications solutions to Fortune 500 companies; helping them to be more productive, save money, and bring the latest services to their customers.

His strengths are introducing cutting edge technologies to his customers, educating them on the benefits, and just thinking “outside the box” helping his customers to get ahead, and to be leaders in their respective industries.

8 years ago Glenn segued this extensive background to help small businesses, service professionals, auto dealers, etc. market themselves on the Internet; helping to bring them new, very targeted business and long term customers. He’s worked for a multi-billion dollar international company selling websites and marketing solutions to attorneys. He’s also partnered with large custom website developers for projects in the 10-50K range. He resold go daddy's various internet solutions as well.


The problem that Glenn has been trying to solve for years, is how to bridge the gap between the low-end, cheap looking websites that just don’t work, and the expense of the high-end custom design shops that do great work, but charge for every little add-on. How could he bring high quality, high value websites to the new or small business that is very budget conscious, or just cash strapped from the recent economic downturn?


He started in the Fall of 2010, to bring great website builder technology, valuable services and guides to get started, and personal assistance to develop and market your new site; “to the masses,” that are affordable, and quick to implement.


He firmly believes the opportunities are endless for small businesses to take advantage of the internet as their PRIMARY vehicle for marketing their products and services, get new customers, and grow client relationships. And it all starts with a great website!


Glenn’s nickname “24/7” means he’s ALWAYS "On Call" to help you evaluate newer technologies (ie. video, mobile marketing, social networking, etc.) on the internet to help YOU become a leader in your industry!


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