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Editing Interface

Websitebymidnight features a simple and intuitive editing interface, or CMS (content management system). It's easy to use by beginners and powerful enough to give enhanced control to advanced users.


Work on content safely while visitors are browsing your site

Websitebymidnights' websites have two views - Normal view and Admin view. The Normal view is what visitors will see when accessing the site. The Admin view is accessible only for the site owner. Visually it is the same as Normal view except for the additional admin options which let you manage content. Once ready with changes in Admin view, you can instantly publish them to Normal view with a single click.


Just rollover and click to edit any type of content

Each content element in Admin view may be edited by simply rolling it over. A blue outline will denote the content you are going to edit. Using the wrench Edit  icon on top left you may click to edit the content, or choose to move, delete, copy, hide from visitors, select, cut, copy or duplicate it.


Easily add content and manage your entire site

Using the Top Admin Menu located at the very top of your website Admin you can add content, add a new page, change the page layout, activate your website, publish your page and access the advanced Control Panel options.



Need help with a feature? Simply reach for the Help option on top right to access instantly all online resources - tutorials, FAQ and others.