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One-stop shop

Websitebymidnight provides an all-in-one Web solution combining elegant design styles, a solid set of the most popular Web content elements and an array of advanced features. Virtually, everything you need to build and host your site, bundled in an easy to use, high performance package.

Fully Web-based service

Websitebymidnight provides an entirely Web-based service. This means no software downloads, no installation or configuration hassles. A Web browser and internet connection is all you need to manage your site from anywhere in the world, at any time. Being a fully Web-based managed service, Our web builder will not require regular download and installation software upgrades  - all updates, fixes, and new features are automatically integrated with your account as soon as new versions are released.

Professional results

Websitebymidnight stock designs provide you with a high quality, stylish, and impressive appearance comparable to top design agencies' works. Moreover, we ensure that your page layout and formatting remain consistent throughout the site even when you add content from external sources. Changes to site structure are automatically applied throughout the site, without risk of broken links, missing images and other errors typical of self-made sites.

Integrated high performance hosting

Websitebymidnight provides high performance hosting service for all customers. Your site runs on a global scalable server infrastructure located in several secure datacenters for high availability, with gigabit connectivity to tier1 providers, robust load-balancing mechanism, redundant storage and automated backup and monitoring system. We do daily off-site backups of your site.

Easy to use

Creating and editing with websitebymidnight is incredibly simple. No HTML, JS, CSS, FTP or graphic design knowledge is required. You can add, update or publish changes with a single click. Our web builder intuitive what-you-see is what-you-get editing interface is designed to make the process of keeping your website up to date easy, quick and enjoyable. With the design, programming, and hosting aspects all taken care of by websitebymidnight, you can focus completely on managing the content and functionality to create your ultimate site.


Devoted support

Websitebymidnight support is provided directly by the development team and available 24/7 to ensure a response to all queries within 12 hours, and resolution to urgent requests within 2 hours.


Websitebymidnight's comprehensive and regularly updated tutorials and FAQ section will make you proficient with all features and advanced options, and help you achieve a unique, search engine-friendly online presence.

Be your own webmaster

No more expensive retainer or hourly fees. No more mis-communicated changes or waiting days on end for a simple update to be applied to your site. Websightbymidnight gives you the power to fully manage your website content on your own and publish any updates instantly whenever they are needed.


We plan websitebymidnight's upcoming features and improvements based on surveys and direct user feedback. Your opinion and suggestions really make a difference. Websitebymidnight presents a living product which offers daily updates and major releases every three months.


With websitebymidnight you can mix and match select features and content to build a site precisely shaped to serve your goals. We can snap together text and images, rich media, photo galleries, and files, integrate a blog or forum, web foms or mailing lists to produce exactly the site you need. Our web builder is also flexible enough to let your site cater to audiences which require different content access through members-only areas and individual resources protection.


Working with websitebymidnight requires internet connection, Internet Explorer 7.0+ / FireFox 2.0+ / Sarafi 3.0+ browser to edit the site, and almost any browser to view it. To guarantee you'll make a professional and successful website, websightbymidnight requires only good content and your own creativity!