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Who's it For?

Small and Medium Businesses (SMB's) that are now serious about making money from the internet offers the platform and marketing services that are essential for small businesses to launch, manage, and successfully market their products or services online.


The goals at are to provide a one-stop website and marketing solution for the "mid-market" - the small business or service professional; that is of extreme high value, fast to market, and very affordable!


The ideal client that we've worked with over the years.....

  • They've been through one or two rounds of building a website, and it has not gone well. Their current website does not look good, or work well for them or their customers.
  • Ready to get serious about making money from the internet.

      Wants more control over their website (ability to make changes or updates) and not get charged every time.

          • Does not have the time or the knowledge.
          • Does not have an unlimited budget, but knows that doing nothing is NOT an option, even in this tough economy.



          It's perfect for that new business too.

          • Just getting started and need a professional image online, that you can afford?
          • Ready to get business and new customers from the Internet?
          • Not sure what steps to take next? Need help with an online marketing strategy?

          • Or, frustrated with your current website and vendor? Is it just not working for you or your customers?
          • Do you want to be able to post some of the content yourself without having to track down and pay for that web guy?
          • Are you just finally ready to fully leverage the internet to establish & grow your business?



          Who it's NOT For?

          The small business that is strictly looking for a website for $200, or $15 per month. There are MANY online website builder products out there, that we'll be happy to refer you to. And don't forget your nephew, or brother that "knows HTML." In this business, you truly get what you pay for! Just be careful!